Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Great Pittsburgh Painter

Here in Pittsburgh, the salty, humid air has a tendency to take the life out of paint very quickly. Around this time of year, when you add icy winds to the mix, painted walls all around the city are growing dull and drab. In-fact, now is a great time to consider repainting your home.

PGH Painter, knows how the seasons tear through the thin coats of paint on our houses, they have been renowned Pittsburgh painters for over 15 years. Indigenous to the area, PGH is familiar with the styles of homes and of buildings, and through their painting and restoration services, they keep those homes and buildings classic styles as eye-catching as the day they were built.

If you would like to contact PGH Painter, visit them at, or call them at: 724-575-0005.

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